I UK [θɪn] / US adjective
Word forms "thin":
adjective thin comparative thinner superlative thinnest
Other ways of saying thin:
slim thin in an attractive way: He was looking much slimmer after his holiday. slender thin in a graceful way: a tall slender woman in her late 40s skinny (informal) too thin: a skinny little boy of about eight anorexic extremely thin in a way that does not look healthy, also used by doctors to describe someone who has the illness anorexia nervosa: He must have been dieting – he was looking positively anorexic! lean thin and strong: a lean man wearing a cowboy hat emaciated extremely thin because you have been ill or do not have enough to eat: emaciated children holding out bowls for food trim thin in a way that suggests you are careful about what you eat and how much you exercise: His trim figure made him look younger than he was. gaunt so thin that people can see your bones under your skin: His face was gaunt with lack of sleep. bony so thin that people can see your bones under your skin: long bony limbs that never seemed to fit his clothes
a) a thin object or material has only a short distance between two opposite sides, edges, or surfaces

The box was covered with a thin layer of dust.

There's a thin crack in the glass.

Cut the cucumbers and tomatoes into thin slices.

b) someone with thin features has a long narrow mouth, nose etc

thin lips

a) someone who is thin has very little fat on their body

Charles was thin and very tall.

She has been ill and is much too thin.

b) a thin part of the body has very little fat on it

thin bony arms

3) thin hair, fur, or plants do not look solid because there are spaces between the individual hairs or leaves

a thin moustache

4) a thin liquid contains mostly water, so that it flows easily

a plate of meat covered with thin gravy

5) a thin explanation, argument, statement etc does not have enough evidence or detail to be effective
6) small in number or amount

Dexter won by a thin margin (= a small number of votes, points etc).

7) a thin voice or sound is high and unpleasant to listen to

I heard a thin high cry.

8) thin air has less oxygen in it than usual

In the mountains, the air is thinner.

9) if someone gives a thin smile, their lips move but the feeling is not sincere

(skating) on thin ice — doing something dangerous, or something that could have an unpleasant result

He's on thin ice with those accusations.

out of/from thin air — if something appears from thin air, it appears suddenly in a mysterious way

I can't just make money appear out of thin air.


Derived word:
noun uncountable
II UK [θɪn] / US verb
Word forms "thin":
present tense I/you/we/they thin he/she/it thins present participle thinning past tense thinned past participle thinned
a) thin or thin down
[transitive] to make something smaller in number, amount, or size

Sales have decreased and we've decided to thin our workforce.

Police thinned down the crowd.

b) [intransitive] to become smaller in number, amount, or size
2) thin or thin out
[transitive] to remove plants, leaves, trees etc so that they do not fill an area or space completely
3) [intransitive] if someone's hair thins, they gradually lose the hair from their head

a man with grey thinning hair

4) [transitive] to make a thick liquid become less thick by adding water or another liquid to it

III UK [θɪn] / US adverb
Word forms "thin":
comparative thinner superlative thinnest
in a way that produces a thin layer or piece of something

Cut the cheese thin, so that it melts.

English dictionary. 2014.

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